Sunday, December 16, 2007

"what do they have?"

Intercessors Of The Lamb:

"Can you imagine what it will be like when the Church really goes into the desert again, really becomes contemplative again and really starts receiving the enfleshment of the Word, being fed, experiencing the joy? Can you imagine the evangelization that will go forth? People are drawn to happy people. Joy is contagious. You will be able to walk down the street and say, “What do they have?” That is what drew us, in the cloister, to the Charismatic renewal in the first place. Bishop Joseph McKenny came and was so filled with joy. It was wonderful to see a Bishop at the altar who was happy. You cannot camouflage joy, can you?"

For my mom...

We will be celebrating her 10th anniversary with Jesus on December 30th.

Let us pray for all who can't quite find joy during this Season because of the loss of loved ones, or those that are struggling with terminal illnesses. Lord grant them some peace in these days and show them and their loved ones a little taste of the joy that is to come.

My First Christmas in Heaven
I see the countless
Christmas trees
around the world below
With tiny lights, like Heaven's stars,
reflecting on the snow

The sight is so spectacular,
please wipe away the tear
For I am spending Christmas with
Jesus Christ this year.

I hear the many Christmas songs
that people hold so dear
But the sounds of music can't compare
with the Christmas choir up here.

I have no words to tell you,
the joy their voices bring,
For it is beyond description,
to hear the angels sing.

I know how much you miss me,
I see the pain inside your heart.
But I am not so far away,
We really aren't apart.

So be happy for me, dear ones,
You know I hold you dear.
And be glad I'm spending Christmas
with Jesus Christ this year.

I sent you each a special gift,
from my heavenly home above.
I sent you each a memory
of my undying love.

After all, love is a gift more precious
than pure gold.
was always most important
the stories Jesus told.

Please love and keep each other,
my Father said to do.
I can't count the blessing or love
has for each of you.

So have a Merry Christmas and
Wipe away that tear
Remember, I am spending Christmas with
Jesus Christ this year


Gaudete Sunday: This Child is our Victory. REJOICE! - Catholic Online:

"The Third Sunday of Advent is Gaudete Sunday, the 'pink candle' Sunday, the Sunday we light the pink candle on the Advent wreath. Gaudete is the imperative plural form of the Latin verb gaudere (to rejoice). It is a command ordering us to rejoice! In these days of penance and preparation leading up to the feast of our Savior's birth, it reminds us of the joy that is to come, and serves, amid this season of penance, as a kind of 'break' when we recall the hope we have because of the coming of Jesus."

Joy to the World

praise looks good on you

ice and snow bless the Lord

Universalis: Morning Prayer (Lauds):
"All creatures, bless the Lord
Bless the Lord, all his works, praise and exalt him for ever.

Bless the Lord, you heavens; all his angels, bless the Lord.
Bless the Lord, you waters above the heavens; all his powers, bless the Lord.
Bless the Lord, sun and moon; all stars of the sky, bless the Lord.
Bless the Lord, rain and dew; all you winds, bless the Lord.
Bless the Lord, fire and heat; cold and warmth, bless the Lord.
Bless the Lord, dew and frost; ice and cold, bless the Lord.
Bless the Lord, ice and snow; day and night, bless the Lord.
Bless the Lord, light and darkness; lightning and storm-clouds, bless the Lord.

Bless the Lord, all the earth, praise and exalt him for ever."

Let us praise God for all His deeds including the beautiful blanket of snow that we have been blessed with this morning. Let us also pray for safety for His children during this storm.

USCCB - (NAB) - December 16, 2007

USCCB - (NAB) - December 16, 2007:

"Those whom the LORD has ransomed will return
and enter Zion singing,
crowned with everlasting joy;
they will meet with joy and gladness,
sorrow and mourning will flee."

Today's Prayer: May our focus today be on the Lord, all the great things that He has done for us, and all the beauty that He has placed in our midst. A heart that is full of praise and thanksgiving cannot know sorrow and depression.