Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Lady Of The Rosary Novena

Our Lady Of The Rosary Novena

Day 2

Yearning for God

p794 Christian Prayer

Psalm Prayer

"Father in heaven, when your strength takes possession of us we no longer say: Why are you cast down, my soul? So now that the surging waves of our indignation have passed over us, let us feel the healing calm of your forgiveness. Inspire us to yearn for you always, like the deer for running streams, until you satisfy every longing in heaven."

YouTube - DON MOEN - River Of Love

USCCB - NAB - Psalm 1

USCCB - NAB - Psalm 1: "Psalms
Chapter 1
1 2 Happy those who do not follow the counsel of the wicked, Nor go the way of sinners, nor sit in company with scoffers.
3 Rather, the law of the LORD is their joy; God's law they study day and night.
They are like a tree planted near streams of water, that yields its fruit in season; Its leaves never wither; whatever they do prospers.
4 But not the wicked! They are like chaff driven by the wind.
Therefore the wicked will not survive judgment, nor will sinners in the assembly of the just.
The LORD watches over the way of the just, but the way of the wicked leads to ruin."