Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Is Medjugorje Real?

Mother Of All Peoples - Is Medjugorje Real? Facts and First-hand Accounts

Medjugorje Graces

Medjugorje Graces: Message to visionary Mirjana on July 2nd, 2008:
"With equal goodness and generosity behave towards the souls whom you meet. May your love convert them."

This is POWERFUL stuff and so timely for me personally. The thing that I still struggle with is when to speak up and when to remain quiet. We may think that 'loving others' means that we are to go along with all that we see all around us...but that's not necessarily the 'loving' thing to do. If you saw someone that you care for very deeply...perhaps your own child...headed in a very dangerous direction, you would most likely say something. But then again you need to know your audience and what they are ready to hear also. Earlier in this message Our Lady says "With motherly love I desire to encourage you to love your neighbor. May my Son be the source of that love." Perhaps that is the key...if all we do and say comes from the Source of all love Himself, then we should be fine.