Monday, June 16, 2008

super natural reactions

Jezebels : A Catholic Reflection:

"Often, our next reaction to the Jezebels in our world is what we call 'defense.' We reason that if some people are going to be so vicious, we must protect and defend ourselves. However, Elijah's reaction to Jezebel was not defense, but prophecy (see 1 Kgs 21:17ff) and discipleship. He finally defeated Jezebel and Ahab by making Elisha his disciple and by anointing Hazael and Jehu through Elisha and his disciples (1 Kgs 19:15-17).

In summary, when we see mean and vicious people, our reaction should be repentance, prophecy, and discipleship.

PRAYER: Father, give me supernatural reactions and not just natural ones.

PROMISE: 'What I say to you is: offer no resistance to injury. When a person strikes you on the right cheek, turn and offer him the other.' –Mt 5:39"


"June 16, 2008

'The Devil doesn't fear austerity but holy obedience.'
St. Francis de Sales

For Reflection:
Why would the Devil be fearful of obedience? How much fear am I willing to cause him today?"