Thursday, November 15, 2007


Just got the following from my homeschooling group and wanted to pass it on since this is not something that we often see coming from the movie industry. Let's pray for Hollywood and all those in the entertainment industry while we are at it.

"The Youth Group went to see this movie last weekend, and it was really, really good. We moms thought it should be required viewing for Catholic teens. It speaks to taking responsibility for your actions, the importance of loving families, respecting the gift of life, what is really important in life, and living a life of caring Christian compassion. We noticed the lead character praying the rosary and wearing a scapular (you had to Catholic and quick to see these) (and it helped that said lead character was dubbed by the girls a "hunk" - ha!) The teens thought it was good also. Please note this isn't for younger kids - we think it got the PG13 rating because there is a tragic death - there were no sex scenes, violence or foul language.

Please support this movie!"

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