Wednesday, November 14, 2007

for friend's brother

please pray for my brother

> he is severely depressed. something from his past he says. he's
> been battling depression for a couple of years now. he says he's not
> suicidal right now, but he was at one point.
> i'm extremely worried.
> please pray!
> he served over in iraq for a short while. worked as an EMT. Is a
> paramedic and now a firefighter. he has struggled hard to get this
> job as a firefighter. my brother doesn't like hearing about God in
> any way. i hope that whatever is bothering him will come out, so
> that we can help him deal with it. i hope he can see the love we are
> trying to surround him with.
> thank you, for storming heaven for my brother.
> love
> m

I just got this e-mail today. Please join us in praying for him.

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