Monday, November 19, 2007

Prayers for the men

Spirit Daily - Daily spiritual news from around the world:

" Men, you have an obligation to join your wives and mothers, your sisters, in defending and filling and reviving the Church. It cannot go on forever without you. It is time for real men to stand up. Do you really want to see the Church destroyed? It is also time to kneel. It is masculine to love God. It is masculine to love others. It is masculine to fight for Jesus while we are on this battlefield, this playing field, in this boxing ring called earth.

Want real power? Want real masculinity? Pray. Go the Mass. Fast. See if you are tough enough for that"

Let's pray for all of the men in our lives today. May the Lord draw their hearts back to Him so that they can fulfill their role in the church and in their families more fully. May St. Joseph intercede on their behalf.

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