Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Meal Time

Intercessors Of The Lamb

"We come to the table every day, no matter how busy we are, even though we might be eating on the run, but we have to be fed. Have you ever thought at Thanksgiving, "Oh I'm never going eat again? I'm just stuffed". But we are there the next day. We have to come back to the table of the Lord, as well. We have to come back into His presence. He is there for us, a personal friend. He is there for us as our Shepherd. He is there for us to feed us so that we do not fall by the wayside. We must make our prayer time a priority. If He is our friend, if He is our Beloved, if this time with Him is our top priority, if we are convinced that it is the one thing necessary, then we will be there. We will be there seeking God in quiet communication. We will come apart and simply rest awhile in his presence. Each day you need to have a quiet time. It might just be that you have to go in the bathroom and lock the door. It might be a little prayer chair you have or a prayer closet, some place where the family knows that this is your time and you can have that space because God said, "I want you to know Me. But you need to be still. You need to be quiet.""

Excerpt from Mother Nadine’s, “Gift of the Desert,” Corpus Christi, TX 2006

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