Thursday, December 27, 2007

Prayer Request

Could you please keep my dad in your prayers. He was hospitalized on Christmas Eve with congestive heart failure due to a hardened heart valve. He has a lot of fluids and it is making it very uncomfortable for him to sleep...he can't lie back and has been sleepin up in a chair for a while now. I'm praying for some comfort and peace for him.

Also Roy's cousin(in law)Joe who was diagnosed with stomach cancer over the Summer and has been receiving chemo treatment will have his cat scan on Friday to determine where things stand. Our God is able! Let us pray for the Lord to pour down His grace on Joe and his family and for that tumor to completly disappear.

Thank you!

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Essy said...

Thanks for the prayers for my dad. He is back at St. Joseph's Manor now and doing reasonably well. Please continue to send out a prayer his way when you think of it.