Friday, December 14, 2007

Seasons of the Heart

John Welch, O.Carm - Seasons of the Heart - AN ENSLAVED HEART:

"The hungers of our heart send us into the world seeking nourishment. In many ways we ask the world, 'Have you seen the one who did this to my heart, causing it to ache?' Our heart finds itself scattered over the landscape as we ask each person and each possession and each activity to tell us more about the Mystery at the core of our lives.

So enamoured by the messengers of God, the soul mistakes them for God. We take the good things of God and ask that they be god. The heart, tired of its pilgrimage, seeks to settle down and make a home. It pours its deepest desires into relationships, possessions, plans, activities, goals, and asks that they bring fulfilment to our deepest hungers. We ask too much from them and they begin to crumble under our expectations. Over and over the Carmelite saints remind us that only God is sufficient food for the hungers of the heart."

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