Thursday, December 20, 2007


Intercessors Of The Lamb
"First we go through a stage where we are informed. This is the Night of the Soul. God is good. He doesn’t let us stay in that birthing too long. Now the growth is going to start. There is a deeper purification of our hearts. Our intercession changes a little bit here. As we grow, the ministry does too, and there will be some transferences. Now, all of a sudden, it isn’t just me. We begin to see that, “I don’t have to be totally healed, totally well, or have my act all together to have effective and powerful intercession.” We see that He’s using us in a deeper way now. He begins to teach us about the transferences. We’ll begin to see that it’s not just my heart that is kind of anxious. It’s not just my heart that might be fearful. It might not just be my heart that is kind of distressed, even depressed maybe. God begins to show us, “Pray for others who are feeling the same way.” We start to pick up God’s plan more. We see that whatever I’m going through is going to affect my intercession for others because I’m gaining that territory. Why, I have compassion now! I know what it feels like to be anxious or to be fearful. We don’t want other people to have to continue living like that. Maybe people are fearful of death; maybe people are lonely, rejected. We’ll start to pick up feelings, or maybe events and circumstances, that we are actually going through ourselves. We don’t let it be wasted. We use it right away in intercession."

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