Friday, December 7, 2007

Universalis: Vespers

Universalis: Vespers:
"Psalm 147 (147B)
God, the foundation of Jerusalem

Praise the Lord, Jerusalem — Sion, praise your God. For he has strengthened the bars of your gates, he has blessed your children. He keeps your borders in peace, he fills you with the richest wheat. He sends out his command over the earth, and swiftly runs his word. He sends down snow that is like wool, frost that is like ashes. He sends hailstones like crumbs — who can withstand his cold? He will send out his word, and all will be melted; his spirit will breathe, and the waters will flow. He proclaims his word to Jacob, his laws and judgements to Israel. He has not done this for other nations: he has not shown them his judgements."

Oh Lord, may we be filled with Praise on this day. Bring to our mind all that good that You have done for us...fill us with Your peace and joy. Amem.

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