Thursday, December 6, 2007


Intercessors Of The Lamb

"Our Lady said, “Now you do whatever He tells you.” She said that to the servants. Hopefully we are all servants of the Lord! She is saying that to us as well. “You do whatever He tells you.” That “whatever” can be frightening. What does that mean –“whatever”? We do not always know. It simply means whatever - whatever God’s word is, whatever God’s will is, whatever God wants. This is exactly what she is asking of us. “Do whatever He tells you.” Much of the time, we are not listening. We do not know what He is saying. That is why the contemplative posture is so important. We must be able to can hear what God is asking. We can hear His preference and then we can do whatever His word is showing us. Obedience is also the fruit of humility. There is only one way to know if we are humble and that is to ask ourselves, “Are we being obedient?” If we are being obedient to God’s way, God’s preference, then that is humility. That is the kind of obedience, the kind of humility, that will crush pride – that will crush the serpent’s head. It will crush satan."

Excerpt From Mother Nadine’s, “On Earth as it is In Heaven” The Philippines, 11/05

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