Thursday, May 1, 2008

Are you ready?

"Perfect Storm" : A Catholic Reflection:

"Tomorrow we begin praying the Pentecost Novena, nine days of fervent prayer to prepare for receiving a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. What storm will result if you receive the Holy Spirit during or after this Novena? It may mean that:

you must leave your job, as did St. Joseph (Mt 2:14),
you start a new job, which becomes the launching pad for a new ministry (Acts 18:3, 5),
you pack up and move where the Spirit leads (Acts 18:1),
you lose your spiritual mentor (Jn 16:17) and have to step out and take leadership, as did the apostles,
you will weep, mourn, and grieve (Jn 16:20),
you step out in bold obedience to the Holy Spirit, and because of that, your church is instantly divided (Acts 18:4ff),
talented leaders are converted and raised up (Acts 18:8),
many hear the word of God and come to believe in Jesus (Acts 18:8), and
you 'shake' off the spiritual and physical debris left by the storm (Acts 18:6), and, undaunted, continue bearing fruit in the power of the Spirit (see Mt 7:24-25).

'Receive the Holy Spirit' (Jn 20:22), and let Him 'stir' up your world (2 Tm 1:6).

PRAYER: Father, may I be more concerned with being separated from the Holy Spirit than I am with having to endure upheaval.
PROMISE: 'Your grief will be turned into joy.' –Jn 16:20
PRAISE: St. Joseph accepted Mary as his wife, thus enduring scandal, rejection, and relocation, and did so joyfully."

So...are you ready to start 'marching to a different drummer'? It might throw you out of sync...but oh the JOY that is to come!

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