Monday, June 9, 2008

He feeds us...

USCCB - (NAB) - June 9, 2008:

"The LORD then said to Elijah:
“Leave here, go east
and hide in the Wadi Cherith, east of the Jordan.
You shall drink of the stream,
and I have commanded ravens to feed you there.”
So he left and did as the LORD had commanded.
He went and remained by the Wadi Cherith, east of the Jordan.
Ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning,
and bread and meat in the evening,
and he drank from the stream."

Hmmm...sounds alot like a retreat doesn't it? LOL. I'm BAAAACCCKK! And yes...the Lord did take good care of me and nourished me well...both physically and spiritually. Even with human limitations (our own and others), the Lord manages to reach us and 'feed' us. Praise God.

All weekend I had this song running in my head (especially when I got up at 5:30 AM...AM and watched the sunrise.)...'from the rising of the sun, til the sun goes down, may the Name of the Lord be praised! WE give You praise!'... So Praise You Lord for that all that You do on our behalf...You are the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords. I LOVE You JESUS!

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