Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sin-Seared : A Catholic Reflection

Sin-Seared : A Catholic Reflection:

"Sin is epidemic, generational, and self-perpetuating in that it blinds us to sin. Sin is also murderous even to the point of deicide itself, that is, to the point of murdering God. Therefore, when we sin, we are trapped. By our power, we can't do anything to get out of sin. We would die in our sins (see Jn 8:24) and be damned but for Jesus. Jesus saved us. He intervened and broke the power of sin in our life. 'It is in Christ and through His blood that we have been redeemed and our sins forgiven, so immeasurably generous is God's favor to us' (Eph 1:7-8).
We must thank Jesus always for saving us from sin. We must avoid at all costs falling into sin, and we must tell a sinful world about the only Savior from sin.

PRAYER: Jesus, may I go to Confession and let You wash away my sin.

PROMISE: 'God has given us the wisdom to understand fully the mystery, the plan He was pleased to decree in Christ, to be carried out in the fullness of time: namely, to bring all things in the heavens and on earth into one under Christ's headship.' –Eph 1:9-10

PRAISE: St. Mary Margaret was blessed to be the first to see the power of Christ's forgiving love through the image of His Most Sacred Heart."

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