Friday, December 24, 2010

Capturing the Day's Message! (Thursday)

Today, the Lord spoke to me about silence. Or better yet, 'fasting' from all that tempts to enslave it actual noise (environmental or otherwise), incessant activity, or perhaps gluttony. Everything we do in life needs to be tempered...if we have any sort of disordered attachment then the practice of 'fasting' can be beneficial. We in a sense offer that particular  area of our lives up to the Lord and it opens us up to tremendous blessings.

On the subject of fasting...I learned that Christmas Eve was historically a day of abstinence and fasting. That is how my own Portuguese heritage derived at the traditional  salted cod (bacalhau) meal for Christmas Eve. Interesting...and makes perfect sense to me.

Anyway, this 'silence' is necessary in order for us to sense the presence of the Lord and to be able to hear Him and be in relationship with Him.  You can think of it as cleaning the static out of the lines of 

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