Thursday, December 23, 2010

Morning Hymn

Of old the prophets cried aloud,

Foretelling Christ would surely come,

Theirs was the special grace to know

That man's redemption was at hand.

Hence radiates our joy at dawn,

Our happy hearts rejoice and sing,

Proclaiming now our earnest faith

In glory long since promised us.

This humble coming known to few,

Was not to judge a sinful world

But all our wounds to tend and heal,

By saving what had gone astray.

His second coming will declare

That Christ is at our very doors,

To crown all those who love Him well

And welcome them to lasting bliss.

Eternal light is promised us,

The star of our salvation shines,

Already its bright gleaming rays

Call us to keep the law of love.

Lord Jesus Christ, we seek but You,

To see You, God yet truly Man,

So that this vision blest may be

Our never-ending hymn of praise. Amen.

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