Tuesday, November 20, 2007

a personal request

If you could all please say a quick prayer for my family today. Our dog (a black lab that we've had for over 13 years) is going to be put down today. The kids seem to be doing ok...me...not so much.

Thank you.


sue said...

Hi Essy: I'm so sorry to hear that you will lose your pet today. Our 13 year old yellow lab died after heroic efforts to save her with surgery (removal of tumerous spleen), a nutritious diet and much love. However she died after what we thought was a relatively simple surgical procedure to remove a tumor on her leg. She never fully recovered from the anethesia and just went to sleep. The vet suggested we 'put her down' after the first surgery, but we weren't ready to let her go. Even after that extra month we spent years grieving for her.

I pray that your family members can let themselves grieve unconditionally and then recover. I know how much love a pet can bring to a family.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sue. Roy just left a few minutes ago to take her in. Her system just gave out on her. We took her in yesterday because she wasn't eating or drinking and could barely get up. They gave her some fluids, gave her some antibiotics and told us that they'd call with the lab results today. Today's news was a real bummer (even if not un-expected)...multi organ failure. I haven't stopped crying yet.