Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Universalis: Vespers

Universalis: Vespers:
"Prayers and Intercessions:

Christ the Lord lives among us and we are his adopted people.Let us praise him and offer him our prayers:
- Lord, listen to us and show your greatness.

Lord, king and ruler of the nations, guide all peoples and all who exercise power
that they may work together for the common good, according to your laws.

You conquered our captivity and took it prisoner:
restore to freedom our brethren who are captive in body or in soul.

May our young grow up irreproachable in your sight
and may they wholeheartedly follow you when you call.

Make children follow your example
and move steadily forward in wisdom and grace.

Take up the dead into your eternal kingdom
where we hope one day to rule at your side"

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