Thursday, June 19, 2008

Putting Prayer into Action

Intecessors of the Lamb - 10-25-04 Putting Prayer into Action

Actions will always tell us if a person is a person of prayer because the Word is going to go into action within them. As a young sister, I was reading a lot about love, love of God, and love of neighbor. I thought, "Yes, we have to really carry this love out in our actions." I thought I was. I said, "There's no one in the whole world who loves you as much as I do, and no one ever will. I just love You so much. I wonder how much I really do love You, Father. I wish there was a measuring stick of some kind. There must be some way to measure how much I love you." See all the self-love there? Then I read Catherine of Siena. She had asked the Father the same questions and the Father answered her, "There is a measuring stick, Catherine." She said, "What is it?" Of course, here I am all eyes reading this. He said, "Catherine, the one you love the least is how much you love Me." That just shocked me! I looked around the cloister to see which sister I loved the least. It didn't take me very long to find her, and I thought, "I'll show You how much I love You." So I went into action. I got a little book and put every sister's name in it. We had about 50 sisters in our little community. Everyday I would check off those sisters who I had visited with and loved during recreation time at noon. Then I'd make sure that I saw another one at night. It took me a whole month to get around to the entire community, one-on-one and really loving them. I particularly spent a great deal of time and prayer for this one sister whom I liked the least and ended up loving her the most! She became my dearest, dearest friend. That's what I mean about action.

Excerpt from Contemplative Prayer series, "Pondering the Word," Omaha, NE, 1984.

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