Saturday, December 29, 2007

Found in Bulletin this week...

As you begin your New Year, below are some recommendations for a Catholic home:
• Meals together as often as possible – with grace before and after
• Blessings of children by parents at night
• Spouse blessing one another at night
• Never going to bed angry
• Icons or pictures of Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart in a prominent place
• Crucifixes in main rooms, bedrooms
• Other holy pictures or statues in rooms
• Open Bibles in rooms
• Have a Catechism of Catholic Church
• Wearing of Cross, scapular or other blessed medals
• Holy water-perhaps in a container at door entrances, to be used entering and exiting your home
• Blessed Incense
• Blessed Oil – can be used for cooking
• Blessed Salt – can be used for cooking
• Praying Rosary daily, as a family whenever possible
• Regular celebration of Sacrament of Reconciliation
• Weekly Mass (daily Mass is encouraged) and Adoration
• Gregorian Chant or other Christian music
• Container into which family members can make donation for the poor
• Cast out all articles of occult and New Age (e.g. Ouija Boards, crystals, pornography, inappropriate books, music or videos, etc)

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