Saturday, December 29, 2007

the fruit of obedience

Intercessors Of The Lamb

The third mark of the Church is catholic. That means that it is universal. God is saying, “I want My house to be a house of prayer for all nations, for everyone.” This is what we are called to do. Wisdom is instructing her children! This mark of the Church, this catholicity, comes out of the third pillar of contemplation, which is prayer itself. Prayer, if we are faithful to it, will always produce the fruit of obedience – always. It is out of prayer that we are able to do whatever He tells us. Why? Because it is in prayer that we are listening and receiving whatever He says. It is in prayer that we receive the strength to live it out. This is why He said, “A body You have prepared for Me. Behold, I come to do Your will.” He is saying that to us through our intercession as we prepare the way for Him throughout the Church, throughout the world. “A body you have prepared for Me,” out of our own silence, our own solitude, our own prayer, and our own penance. “A body you have prepared for Me,” so that He can continue coming and dwelling within people and living out the Father’s perfect will. That is always the victory over satan. That is always the maternal “yes” over the “no.” Everything becomes “yes” for intercessors. Everything is, “Yes Lord!” It brings grace, not only to us but also, to others. The theological gift that comes forth in this pillar of prayer, and this universal mark of the Church, is love – love. Love reaches its perfection through obedience. Jesus does not want just our word, “yes.” It is those who do the will of God that He seeks. This will bring forth tremendous love. Obedience, you might say, is like love in action. It is the proof in the pudding. It is the proof that we do love. Prayer, in turn, becomes the fruit of obedience.

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