Saturday, December 29, 2007

Prayer Request

Dear friends in Jesus,
My nephew Steven Graves, 14 years old is in dire need of prayers. He is once again in the hospital. This boy has suffered since he was 2 with Autism, chronic pancreatitis, migraines, sleep disorder, esophageal reflux, foreign mass build up in his stomach called a bezoar, cysts on his brain, malnourishment due to inability to eat because of stomach problems plus the Autism he suffers from limits the things he will eat since he has extreme sensory issues. This little angel weighed only 60 lbs. last Christmas, we almost lost him. The good Lord has helped him to reach 100 pounds over the past year and we are very greatful for this great favor. Still he has been out of school and housebound, practically bedridden for 2 years. He needs a miracle. His family suffers extreme sleep deprevation due to Stevens sleep disorder, and trying to care for an autistic child who is very limited in speech to express how he feels is very difficult. Please, I beg you to pray for this sweet little boy. Thank you for listening and caring.

Patti Crawford

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